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As a man who living in Bali, with a brave heart and proudly I called myself Bali photographer. It is my pleasure and joyfulness to represent Bali Island to the world with my pictures. Perhaps it’s sound too much but that is my desire beautiful Bali island more known all over the planet. I love Bali and it’s panoramic view. Its amazed me and guide me to improve my photography skills and become my main job as a Bali photographer in Twins Photography until now. I enjoying to be a photographer and all my clients happiness is my joy also. My love for photography started when I began photographing scenes of Indonesian splendor, especially of Bali, my home,  with my pocket camera. Now as the owner and main professional photographer of  Twins Photography,  I am focused in capturing every passionate moment with beautiful Bali scenery as its backdrop. Why Twins photography,  you may ask?  I named my photography company “Twins” because my beloved twin sons, Farrel and Maxwell  who are being the source of my inspiration.  Our  real  focus  actually  is  on wedding photography  and  outdoor  photography  but we remain committed to any type of photography that need of our services.  Bali photographer cares about quality and will provide full heart services to our clients and we assure they will not go wrong choosing Twins Photography.

Within Twins Photography as Bali photographer galleries, you can get an idea of how we work, how we compose our shots, and how we aim to bring out the splendid details of every captured moment.  We strive to make you proud and happy and present you with the best of our passion for photography.  We choose to work as a team because we do not want to lose a single, magical moment.

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