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William and Erika

William and Erika prewedding's

We are very satisfied with our pre wedding photoshoot experience that we have with Twins Photography Bali. Along the way, it is quite fun and memorable experience for us. I am not very comfortable being in front of camera and Wayan encourage us to be ourselves and allowed us to be engaged in and interacted in our usual “us” way. We find that the photographer is quite creative in his own ways, and efficient. You can really feel his passions in photo shooting rather than just doing his job.

One thing we do really appreciate is the fact that the photographer’s commitment and dedication to fulfilling customer’s wishes. It was raining on that day and the location we choose are not able to do shooting due to heavy rain. However, he tried his best to find similar alternative location and the photo turn out to be much better then what we expected. And he also took time to go through and explain to us on the photo shoot result, and also giving recommendations.

If you are looking for photographer in Bali, I will highly recommend to Twins Photography Bali. The price is very reasonable and most of all you get excellent services.

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